Hey! My name is Selina and I'm a tattoo artist from the Netherlands.

I have been drawing for as long as I can remember and I did my first tattoo during my apprenticeship in November 2015. Since then I've been working hard to develop a recognizable style. 

I specialize in Neo Traditional tattoos, color as well as black and grey. I love to create people custom, one-of-a-kind tattoos (check out my portfolio here).

Throughout the past few years I've worked at various studios and tattoo conventions across the globe - and I'm planning to do a lot more traveling!

You can find me at Tattoo1825, located in the heart of Amsterdam, where I've been working since 2017. 

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I absolutely love tattooing bold lines, bright colors or anything with a lot of contrast. My style is mainly inspired by nature - for example animals (wild ones but also pets!), flowers and portraits of women. It's important to me that tattoos read well from a distance. I like to create detailed designs, while maintaining clarity of composition. 

I enjoy working in black&grey and color equally so. If you like my work and want to book an appointment or consultation to chat about your ideas, feel free to send me an email

A few of my favorite subject matters ♡